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Where should you work? We like to think of 3 important factors:
Growth, Fulfillment & Happiness


Work at a company which helps you growth. Work with people that will challenge you to do better. Be in the company of people who are much better than you even if it makes you uncomfortable. Always aim for the stars, worst case you will end up at the moon!


You are going to spend 8 hours or more in a day on your job. You might as well focus on doing things that give you a deep sense of fulfillment. Ask yourself why should you go to work? What will change in your life and those around you if you go and trade 8 hours of your life for a paycheck? Money is very important, but there has to be a deep sense of fulfillment and you have to be honest with yourself!


Let’s assume that the ultimate objective in life is to become happier. If that is indeed true, then what will you do at your work that makes you happy? Happiness is directly proportional to progress. So, he will you progress forward? What actions can you take so you can look back 2 years from now you will see tremendous progress and accomplishment?

Are you tired of being in a dead end job doing things that don’t matter to you?

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